How does Accredicity work?​

Transform Bite-Size Education into Professional Certificates

Cred System

A Creds 1

Cred is an educational micro-unit that allows learners to stack
bite-size education into Stackable Credentials or Levels.

Cred Formula: 

X Minutes of Video x 2 + 5 = # Creds

Level Formula:

500 Cred + 500 Word Essay (+ 100) = 1 Level

Cred allows for bite-size education to be transformed into stackable credentials.
Stackable credentials are the building blocks to courses and certificate programs.​

A Creds 1
Learners earn an academic unit called: Cred
A Badge Interactive Videos
Cred is earned by completing bite-size education
A Levels Blue C
Bites are grouped in Levels/courses
A Badge Applicant Onboarding
Learners decide to become Students
A Badge Team Onboarding
Students enroll on a subscription tuition model
A Badge Graduate Onboarding
Students receive a Professional Certificate
A Badge Student Onboarding
Graduates join the Alumni Network


Bite-Size Education


Stackable Credentials

Certificate Level First Last 02 21 2021


Higher Education

A Levels Blue B

BUSI100 - Business


Professional Development

A UGPD Certificate

10 Minute = x 2 Creds + 5

25 Creds


600 Creds = 1 Level

1 Level


1 to 3 Levels per Course

1 Credit

15 Courses per Certificate

15 Credits

Money Transfer Base color copy
International Labor Day Base

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