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Meet Accredicity: We Make Your Education Count

You can now transform your Lifelong Learning with Cred in order to earn Stackable Credentials and Professional Certificate from Bite-Size Education.


Bite-Size Education

10 Minute = x 2 Creds + 5

25 Creds



Stackable Credentials

600 Creds = 1 Level

1 Level



Higher Education

BUSI100 - Business

2 Levels per Course

1 Credit


Professional Development

16 Courses per Certificate

16 Credits

Watch Video + Answer Question = Get Cred

Cred System: Student-Centric Gamified Education

Gamified Learning is the type of student-centered learning innovations that make Accredicity education a more effective and engaging way to level up your skills.

Learners earn an academic unit called: Cred
Cred is earned by completing bite-size education
Bites are grouped in Levels / Courses
Learners decide to become Students
Students enroll on a subscription tuition model
Students receive a Professional Certificate
Graduates join the Alumni Network
to earn

How does Cred work?

Watch YouTube = Get Credentials

Play Video


Post to

View Sample Certificate

Get Credentials = Find a Job

Get the Credit You Deserve for Upskilling Yourself

Share Your Credentials on:

LinkedIn Fiverr Upwork Resume Email Craigslist AngelList

Education Currency:   What’s in Your Credential Wallet?


A Bite (Short for Bite-Size Education) = YouTube video + Written Short Answer (Digestible) that allows you to earn Cred.

Cred is an educational micro-unit that allows learners to stack bite-size education into Stackable Credentials or Levels.

Cred Formula:
X Minutes of Video x 2 + 5 = # Creds

Level Formula:
500 Cred + 500 Word Essay (+100) = 1 Level

1 – Sign Up
2 – Watch Video
3 – Write Answer
4 – Mark Complete
5 – Earn Cred
6 – Complete Level
7 – Get Certificate
8 – Congrats! 😁

Platform Demonstration: Skill-Based Credential System

Accredicity: where you earn Cred for watching YouTube videos. The more you learn, the more you earn Cred and get stackable credentials that lead to a professional certificate.

Value Time, Effort, and Energy

Convert Your Time and Energy into Career-Defining Micro-Credentials

Share Credentials Publicly

Post Your Credentials on your Linkedin or Upwork Profile

Stack Up Micro-Credentials

Motivate Yourself by Earning Levels on Your Way to a Certificate

Gamify Your Education

Count Online Learning by Earning Education Currency

Stay Focused and Engaged

Build a Custom Learning Experience to Keep You Motivated

Learn from YouTube

Get Rewarded for Watching and Learning Videos on YouTube

Curated Educational Content

Get Quality and Up-to-Date Education from the Best Creators

Study with the Best Experts

Deepen Existing Knowledge from Multiple Reliable Sources

Learn Any Time, Place, or Pace

More Convenient Learning System that’s a Better Fit for Your Life

Converting Wasted Education into Micro-Degrees

Future-Proof Skills for a Skills-Denominated Future
Competency-Based Recognition for Competency-Based Education
Earn Micro-Credentials on Your Way to Earn a Micro-Degree
How to tap into your education energy with YouTube Videos?
Why Personal Growth and Professional Development?

Read Article

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