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Students are in control of much or little they pay for tuition, motivating them to complete their program in a shorter amount of time to save on their tuition.

Higher Education Tuition Subscription-Based Model is better for you and for us.

Institutions need to produce quality content, offer word class support, and create amazing educational experiences to retain students in their programs.

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+ $10 per Verified Credential


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Make Higher Education Worth the Cost, Time, and Energy

Affordable Tuition for Everyone

Upskill Yourself at a Reasonable Cost of Tuition

Save on Your Tuition

Control of Much or Little You Want Pay for Tuition

No Student Loan to

No Debt to Anchor You Down for the Rest of Your Life

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You to Start

Use Platform and Share Credentials on LinkedIn at No Cost

Graduate Without Debt

Higher Education With No Student Loans

Control Duration
and Cost

Total Tuition is Defined by How Fast or Slow You Want to Go

in Less

Motivates You to Finish Program in Under 6 Months or Faster

Motivate Quicker Completion

Complete Your Program Faster for a More Affordable Tuition

Simplified Tuition
on Your Terms

Fee Simple Subscription Streamlines Administrative Process

Time to

Get Started on Your Program Immediately After Enrollment

Simplify the Admission Process

Allow You to Get Accepted Faster into Certificate Program

Streamlined Admission
Application Process
to Become a Student

At Accredicity, the entire admission application process can be completed from start to finish online. Each step is applicant-driven and has been automated to allow students to get accepted faster and reduce the administrative cost of enrollment. Plus, you can start studying immediately after you have enrolled in your program at Accredicity.

Applicant Information
Identity Verification
Submit Application
Student Enrollment
Start Your Program

Lower Your Tuition Costs by Graduating Quicker

At Accredicity, your total tuition cost is defined by how fast or slow you want to go. This motivates our students to complete their certificate program faster in order to lower the cost of their overall tuition.

Try Accredicity for 30 Days or Get 100% Tuition Refund

Students who cancel and withdraw within the ‘cooling-off’ period, by midnight of the 30th day following enrollment, are eligible for a 100% refund of all tuition and fees paid in association with enrollment.

Company-Paid Tuition is a Win-Win for Everyone

Accredicity accepts company-paid tuition for employees to enroll in our Degree-Level Certificate. In today’s competitive job market, this can be the key to attracting, retaining, and motivating employees.


Tuition-Free means there is no cost to you to learn. Specifically, Learners can use the platform at no cost and earn Non-Verified Credentials. To get these Credentials verified by Accredicity, you’ll need to write an essay and pay a $10 fee per credential. This fee is waived if you are a full-time subscribed student enrolled in a certificate program on our subscription tuition plan of $100 per month. Otherwise, learners can earn cred, complete levels, download, and share these non-verified credentials on platforms like LinkedIn without any cost.

Due to the extremely high tuition costs associated with obtaining a higher education, combined with the hardships businesses are having in recruiting and retaining employees, offering a tuition-free way for workers to learn new knowledge and skills helps solve the student-debt problem and creates a pathway for learners to grow their careers within their organization.

At Accredicity, even if we could accept student loans, we would not accept them since they just perpetuate the broken higher education system. This is why, to ensure the affordability of lifelong education, Accredicity delivers its stackable programs on a subscription basis.

Company-paid tuition is when an employer strategically decides to invest in employee-retention benefits. In other words, the employer is paying for the employee’s tuition as a way to attract, retain, and motivate employees in the company.

In a pursuit to provide affordable higher education at scale to millions of students worldwide, Accredicity offers lifelong learners a tuition-free social learning platform for verified badges. Students can enroll in educational programs on an affordable subscription-based model. Additionally, our highly innovative 100% online learning platform permits us to lower the tuition cost to make earning credentials more widely available for everyone. Accredicity’s pricing is only a fraction of most private colleges and universities.

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