The 8 Pillars of

Competency-Based Education

We developed a Universal Competency Model with a common skill-based language for learners and employers based on research from McKenzie & Co., Harvard, Microsoft, World Economic Forum, Deloitte, Cornell, U.S. News, Gallup, Strada Education, Columbia, O*Net, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and more to organize the skills needed in the future in high demand in high growth industries.

Competency = [ Skills + Knowledge ] x Abilities

What Makes Accredicity the Better Choice for You?

Unique Benefits of Earning Credentials at Accredicity

Level Up Your Skill Sets

Diversify Your Abilities to Perform a Range of Competencies

Close Your Knowledge Gap

Bridge the Soft Skills You Need for the Job You Want

Use Common Skills Language

Align Learners and Employers to Workforce’s Demands

Succeed in Your Role

Gain Valuable Skills to Successfully Perform on the Job

Earn Credentials Faster

Acquire Marketable Skills and Verified Credentials Quicker

Future Work-Readiness

Develop the Essential Employability Skills for the Future

Grow Professional Network

Join and Maintain a Membership in our Alumni Network

Get Hired for a New Job

Enter Workforce by Starting a New Job with Good Wages

Change Job, Field, or Industry

Earn Career Mobility with Portable, and Transferable Skills

Encourage Program Completion

Prevents Frustration and Derailment to Help You Not Quit

Join Learning Community

Build Lifelong Connections With Other Graduates

Help Graduates Succeed

Offer Alumni Services to Support Career Advancement

At Accredicity, we focus on...

Soft Core People Human Strategic Essential Universal Marketable Real-World Transferable Employability Skills

Universal Skills

Soft Skills

Soft skills are abilities, attitudes, and mindset that all jobs need, are essential to your career and are required to create a positive and functional work environment.

Examples: Leadership, Teamwork, Effective Communication, Time Management, Etc. (Highly transferable and do not expire.)

Technical Skills

Hard Skills

Hard skills are measurable abilities, specific technical knowledge, and on-the-job training necessary to perform technical tasks within a type of job or career.

Examples: Coding, Welding, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Emergency Care, Etc. (Hard skills become obsolete over time.)


Competencies are behaviors that demonstrate the ability to incorporate skills and knowledge to perform specific personal or professional requirements competently.

Universal skills, also known as Soft Skills, differ from Technical Skills, also known as Hard Skills. They are the learned interpersonal abilities that an individual needs to know to perform a given activity, task, or job successfully.

Micro-credentials are short competency-based recognitions. At Accredicity, our Levels in Leadership, Management, Productivity, Communication, Cognition, Social, Health, and Life are considered micro-credentials. These credentials can also be verified for $10 with a written short essay.

Stackable Credentials are postsecondary awards that allow individuals to progress on a career path sequentially and enhance job seekers’ labor market prospects.

Credential Verification

Enter a certificate number to verify if the learner has a credential at Accredicity.

Earn Stackable Credentials on

the Road to a Micro-Degree

Join Our Alumni Network

A Better Higher Educational Pathway to Alumni Success

Accredicity’s Alumni Network aims to ensure that our graduates succeed in their careers after graduation by creating a like-minded community of graduates obsessed with each other’s success. Build lifelong connections with other learners, students, and graduates and discover new opportunities and support services. Learners worldwide are launching new careers, advancing in their industries, and enriching their lives and the lives of others around them.

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