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Education happens everyday! Our unique insight is that people learn when they use the internet, but are not rewarded for their time, effort, and energy.  At Accredicity, we count the education on platforms like YouTube. This type of new online learning pedagogy is designed to be more efficient and better fits your life. Therefore, you can now value what once was wasted time and energy into career-defining credentials. 

Startup Business Models and Pricing | Startup School | Y Combinator
65 Creds - Management
SS02: Defense Against the Dark Arts of Influence | CrashCourse
25 Creds - Cognition
How to Build Trust on Your Virtual Team - Harvard Business Review
VRx: Virtual Therapeutics Revolution - Virtual Medicine Conference
275 Creds - Health

Accredicity is an online school with a tuition-free learning platform that converts your self-education into stackable credentials and degree-level certificates.

Why we built Accredicity?

There are more then 10 million jobs open in the U.S. right now. Leading millions of learners to go out and get student loans. Unfortunately, 40% of these students, will fail to even graduate. This has left behind 40 million Americans with no credentials and thousands of dollars in debt. Furthermore, one in every five workers are unfulfilled by their jobs. Employee turnover is costing U.S. businesses 1 trillion dollars per year. The current education-to-work pipeline is broken. Today’s workers want good jobs and meaningful careers.

What is Cred ?

Cred is a unit of education that allows bite-size content to be stacked into credentials. Stackable credentials are the building blocks to courses and certificate programs at A+.

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