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Earn Cred
for Educating Yourself on YouTube

Earn Cred for
Educating Yourself
on YouTube

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We Make Your Education Count

You can now transform your Lifelong Learning with Cred in order to earn Stackable Credentials and Professional Certificate from Bite-Size Education.


Bite-Size Education


Stackable Credentials

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Higher Education

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BUSI100 - Business


Professional Development

A UGPD Certificate
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How to tap into your education energy?

Education happens everyday! Our unique insight is that people learn when they use the internet, but are not rewarded for their time, effort, and energy.  At Accredicity, we count the education on platforms like YouTube. This type of new online learning pedagogy is designed to be more efficient and better fits your life. Therefore, you can now value what once was wasted time and energy into career defining credentials. 

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The Explainer: What Is Design Thinking? - Harvard Business Review
A Creds Blue B 5 Creds - Business
Brian Grazer with Ron Howard: Face to Face | 92nd Street Y
A Creds Blue C 112 Creds - Coaching
Webinar: Understanding Digital Health - Columbia Business School
Monks Teach Mindfulness To Techies At Dreamforce | The Pulse | CNBC |
A Circle Points Health 5 Creds - Health

Tuition-Free Platform

Unleash Your Personal Learning Potential​

Choose from thousands of curated videos, also known as bites, with new additions published every month. Build a custom learning experience to keep you engaged throughout your educational journey. Explore new subjects, deepen existing knowledge, and lose yourself in our library. You'll be rewarded and inspired by what you'll find.
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Founded in 2019, Accredicity is an online school located in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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Meet Accredicity: A New Vision for Higher Education

Undergraduate Certificate in

Professional Development

Start or Enhance Your Personal Career in 6 Months or Less

This multidisciplinary program of study is for students who want to develop and enhance employability skills for future careers. Students benefit from knowledge that will prepare them for the modern workplace. This program is designed for the working professional and takes 6 months or less to complete and is available fully online. The multidisciplinary approach of this program allows students to choose several disciplines to create a custom certificate program. This allows students to pursue areas of study that may be unrelated in order to foster lifelong learning. Recognizing the diverse needs, interests and experiences of our learners, this program allow Accredicity to accommodate a wide range of professionals seeking to meet their personal career goals. The curriculum focuses on professional skills related to the workforce’s current demands. With this undergraduate certificate students can develop the skills they need to better themselves and earn credentials that lead to meaningful careers.

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Lead Yourself to a Meaningful Life

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It’s our sincere hope that our mission and vision for higher education will motivate you to join the movement as a learner in order to become a better version of yourself and will further inspire you to enroll as a student in order to follow your dreams and guide your pursuit of a meaningful life.

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If you’re ready to start your educational journey at Accredicity, fill out the above form to get started. Got questions? Send us an email at info@accredicity.com or call 808-212-9826 to talk to an advisor.

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