Undergraduate Certificate in

Professional Development

Start or Enhance Your Career in 6 Months or Less

This multidisciplinary program of study is for students who want to develop and enhance income-producing skills for better employability in future careers. Students benefit from knowledge that will prepare them for the modern workplace. This program is designed for the working professional, takes six months or less to complete, and is available entirely online. The multidisciplinary approach of this program allows students to choose several disciplines to create a custom certificate program. This will enable students to pursue areas of study related to fostering lifelong learning. By recognizing our learners’ diverse needs, interests, and experiences, this program allows Accredicity to accommodate a wide range of professionals seeking to meet their personal career goals. The curriculum focuses on professional skills related to the workforce’s current demands. With this degree-level certificate, students can develop the skills to better themselves and earn credentials that lead to meaningful careers.

Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Development

Program Information

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Learning Outcomes

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  4. Utilize creativity…
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With a total of sixteen 16 credit hours, the multi-disciplinary micro-degree is designed to be completed in four (4) to six (6) months with a maximum of twelve (12) months. It could take less time and cost less depending on how much transfer credit you receive. Enrollment occurs throughout the year. The course cycle begins monthly, so we’re ready when you are.

Accredicity’s learner platform is open to anyone over 13 years old. Since we are a post-secondary institution, we require a high-school diploma (or GED) to enroll in our undergraduate certificate program. Otherwise, we do not have any additional academic or experience-related requirements.

The undergraduate rate is $300 per month. Members of the military, a veteran, or part of a military family are eligible for specific discounts. Accredicity does not offer scholarship opportunities at this time. This program is not approved for educational benefits and Federal Student Aid under Title IV.

1 Program
16 Courses
8 Pillars

We use a mix of pedagogical and andragogical academic approaches to deliver our education. The learner depends on herself or himself to move through the Learner Platform and gain competency levels. This method requires self-direction and responsibility for the process, builds on existing knowledge, and requires an understanding of diverse backgrounds. At the program level, learning and course selection is prescribed by the student in collaboration with a success coach. At the course level, learning is prescribed by an instructor, and students only advance once they have completed the necessary steps. Courses are broken down into content units called topics. In this context, students learn from the content, the instructor, and other students in the program.

The Professional Development program at Accredicity is offered entirely online to increase flexibility for adult learners. Distance Education Students progress online through their program at their own pace. Which helps distance students have harmony between school life with families and jobs.

Each course should take one (1) to two (2) weeks to complete. There are no set class times to attend. This allows you to complete coursework at your own time, place, and pace.

Academic Engagement

Academic Preparation

Our programs include multiple courses, which include, but are not limited to, required videos, readings, activities, presentations, projects, writing, exams, and assessments. Students may also complete one or more milestone projects.

Accredicity’s programs are a learning alternative to traditional education formats provided in higher education. We don’t train you to do your job. We train you to do your job better. These credentials are best seen as supplementary and complement your previous education history and work experience. These certificate programs and micro-credentials are best used not in isolation but rather to complement or supplement degree-based education and professional training. 

Students watch pre-recorded video lectures from Youtube, which gives them more control to view a lesson and pause it, take notes, or review content, which allows them to be more autonomous, self-directed, and motivated. Bite-Size Videos simply fit in better with everyday life and enable students to learn on their time. Around other parts of their days also greatly advantages the students and helps them be more fully engaged and feel less overwhelmed, which leads to overall improvements in learning.

Accredicity does accept a wide variety of transfer credit for other institutions. At this time, Accredicity credits are not transferred to other institutions. Students can use these transfer credits to fulfill specific program and course requirements. Although that is not the case at this time, some universities are starting to recognize non-credit academic high-quality micro-credentials provided by a non-traditional school such as Accredicity for credit into their degree program.

Students can earn credit towards this program through their previous work, life, or military experiences with our credit for prior learning incentives. We accept life experiences, enabling applicants to maximize their transfer credits. This can reduce the time required to graduate and significantly save the total cost of earning a micro-degree. Please read the catalog for further details.

Career-oriented Professionals may earn continuing education credits while completing their micro-degree program at Accredicity. This may appeal to workers who need to maintain a professional license and certification. Accredicity cannot confirm that other institutions and organizations will universally accept their CEUs.

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Customizable Curriculum

Earn in a Professional Certificate on Your Terms

With the guidance of our Success Coaches, students, will catalog their current skills, select the skills they want to learn, and then enroll into the relevant courses at Accredicity based on the skills we teach and enroll into (2) courses from each eight (8) pillar category from our Universal Competency Model, for a total of sixteen (16) one (1) credit course. While the multi-disciplinary micro-degree is customizable, students are still expected to select two (2) courses from each Competency Pillars of Leadership, Management, Productivity, Communication, Cognition, Social, Health, and Life.

Explore Courses

Enroll to take courses like these…

Professional Development

Professional development is learning to earn credentials such as academic micro-degrees or certificates or courses and tends to be more centered around softer skills. Professional development aims to continuously learn and acquire new knowledge and skills to support our current career goals. Our curriculum focuses on professional skills related to the workforce’s current demands. 

Develop Professionally

Become a Better Leader, Employee, Worker, or Colleague

Make Work Easier

Become More Productive and Efficient at the Workplace

Enhance Professional Training

Drive Lifelong Development Forward in Your Professional Career

Career Advancement

Help You Seek and Pursue Your Professional Career Goals

Maintain and Improve Expertise

Learn New Skills and Comply with Professional Requirements

Your Work Ethic

Make Your Strength and Talents Unmatched in the Job Force

Personal Growth

Personal growth, also known as self-development, is the process of learning new skills, knowledge, and abilities that help you nurture and grow and maximize and reach full potential to achieve your personal life goals. Maslow defines this as “self-actualization.” Personal development helps lead people to more meaningful, fulfilled, happier and higher-quality lives.


Become a Better Person, Partner, Family Member, or Friend

Life Better

Become a Better and More Optimized Version of Yourself

Cultivate Lifelong Learning

Pursue Lifelong Learning for Long-lasting Personal Growth

Your Quality
of life

Provides Capacity to Strive and Grow Throughout Their Lives

Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Pursue Your Personal Passions, Ambitions, and Aspirations

Your Strengths and Talents

Reach Your Full Potential to Achieve Your Desired Lifestyle

Tuition Fee:


per Month + Fees


Micro-Degrees are competency-based multi-disciplinary degree-level certificate programs composed of stackable credentials on specific skills sets that help enter the workforce and lead to fulfilling careers.

A multi-disciplinary program is a tailored program of study that is self-designed to help you acquire a range of competencies that will equip you for successful entry into a new job or create more opportunities into an existing career. This program is designed for digital natives and working professionals. It takes six months or less to complete. It is available entirely online to develop and enhance graduates’ employability skills for future careers and actionable knowledge in preparation for the modern workplace.

Contrary to conventional programs, a micro-degree requires much less time to complete. These post-secondary undergraduate certificate programs are awarded on a relatively short timeline of 4 to 6 months, but students may take up to a year to complete.

Yes, our professional certificates are stackable. At Accredicity, we award micro-credentials that can be applied toward a micro-degree.

Certificates and certifications are different. An educational institution awards a certificate upon completion of a course of study. In contrast, certifications are given by an industry association or organization to someone who has passed a test to certify an individual to perform a specific job.

At Accredicity, our program combines eight (8) competency pillars to customize your education, allowing you to gain experience and expand your knowledge in various skills, knowledge, and abilities.

The terms multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, general studies, and liberal arts are practically interchangeable. If you receive a multi-disciplinary certificate, you can describe it as a form of liberal arts education. However, employers value the liberal arts less by name and more by descriptions of its competencies such as leadership, critical thinking, effective communication, teamwork, empathy, etc. Therefore, a multi-disciplinary certificate is as relevant and respectable as any other undergraduate certificate in a specified concentration. But the benefits are that you can learn about so many different subjects and gain a more well-rounded, balanced education that can gain access to more career opportunities.

Multi-Disciplinary Program

Give Your Professional Resume a Boost Above the Rest

Facilitate Professional Recognition as an Industry Expert

Balanced Learning from a Variety of Subjects and Fields

Keep Current With New Trends within Your Field

Choose Your Courses to Create a Custom Certificate Pathway

Customized Program to Better Serve Your Professional Needs

Current and Relevant Information for Today’s Career Paths

Pick Content Based on Your Interests and Career Goals

Micro-Degree Certificate

Save the Total Cost by Requiring Less Time to Complete

Study Whenever, Wherever, or Whatever You Desire

Learn New Skills in Faster From Home Computer or Mobile

Faster Program Helps You Get the Perseverance to Complete

Supplement Degree-Based Education with Micro-Credentials

Pursue Areas of Study to Fostering Lifelong Learning

Unlock Entry Into Higher Education and Career Opportunities

High-Quality Post-Secondary Online Education and Knowledge

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At Accredicity, students pursuing a multi-disciplinary micro-degree get to work with a success coach to custom design a program to meet their personal needs and professional goals. Once you begin the Application Process, applicants are assigned a Student Success Coach. Therefore, our multi-disciplinary programs provide a generalized curriculum that is individualized to each student with the help of our success coaches you can pivot your life meaningfully into new career opportunities.

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