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Hiring and training workers is expensive. If implemented correctly, the programs at ​Accredicity can have enormous benefits for your company, especially for employee retention. This is why instead of spending time and money on hiring and firing workers, employers should invest in education to help attract new staff, keep current employees and transform them into Top Performers. Learning employees with growth opportunities are inspired and are more likely to do a good job and ensure that your organization succeeds.




HR Professionals

Hiring Managers




Employer-Led Development

Industries and Tracks

Examples of Stackable Credentials that Lead to Organizational Success

Our education gives students the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their careers and lives. Skills development opportunities often help employees feel more valued and competent in their roles. Skills workforce development education and training seem necessary since many employees need soft skills, and very few job candidates meet these entry requirements.

Meet John

John is a 40-year-old working professional in the tech industry. John’s employer wants him to gain leadership skills and enrolls him in the Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Development​ at Accredicity. John finishes his program online in six months and gets promoted up the corporate ladder.

Working Professionals

Remote/Hybrid Workers

Study Without Putting Your Personal Life on Hold

Take Care of Your Family and Career While You Go to School

Directed Self-Paced Studies Flexible to Your Lifestyle

No Need to Invest Years to Complete a Certificate Program

Study Entirely Virtually with Shorter-Term Program Duration

Earn Credits From Previous Work, Life, or Military Experiences

Integrate Education to Work Outcomes from the Start

Keep Working a Full-Time Job with Income While Studying

Business Outcomes

Attracting and Recruiting

Reduces the Cost of Turnover

Lower High Cost of Hiring, Firing, and Replacing Employee

Improves Talent Acquisition

Build a Better Overall Long-Term Talent Acquisition Strategy

Tap Into a Wider Talent Pool

Combat the Skills Shortage by Expanding the Talent Pool

Positive Public Reputation

Establish and Improve Your Organization’s Good Name

Accept Skill-Based Credentials

Attract Recruits by Recognizing Skill-Based Education

Great Publicity for Recruits

Proves Your Company Values a Great Work Environment

Increases Diversity Potential

Recognize the Value of a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Fill Job Openings Faster

Access to a Greater Talent Fills in Key Positions Quicker

Remove Historical Barriers

Hire from Disadvantaged Backgrounds into Your Workforce

Equitable Skill-Based Future

Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Different Recruitment Strategy

Recruit the Attractive Candidates with Skill-Based Credentials

Become an Employer of Choice

Organization Viewed as Best-in-Class Empathetic Employer

Attract Better Talent

Help Recruit Good Candidates to become Qualified Workers

Invest in Employees Careers

Offer to Pay Professional Development to Expand an Career

Improve Interview Process

Update Your Job Descriptions and Interview Questions

Reduce Bias in Labor Markets

Ensure Minorities Employees Receive Equal Opportunities

Hiring, Training, and Promoting

Hire the Best People

Greater Ability to Hire the Best Talent With Excellent Skills

Develop and Evaluate Staff

Helps to Improve Key Performance Management Systems

Advance Equitable Hiring

Reduce the Credentialism and Degree Inflation in Hiring

Help Employees Advance at Work

Pay Employees to Study and Earn Professional Certificates

Reduce Onboarding Costs

Reduce Time and Costs for Training and Onboarding

Training Progress Milestone

Stop Never-Ending Training with Clear Paths With Milestones

Common Skills Language

Clarify Differences between Jobs with Competencies

Save Time on Hiring

Accelerated Time-to-Hire by Streamlining Hiring Process

Combating Skills Shortages

Create More Opportunities Into an Existing Career

Promote Your Employees

Create a Culture that Allows for Growth and Promotion

Provides More Transparency

Promotes a Fair and Open Hiring and Promoting Process

Provide Re-Training and Re-Skilling

Embrace and Deploy Just-in-Time Learning on the Job

Build Future-Ready Workforce

Stay Up-to-Date and Adapt to Evolving Future Trends

Cultivate a Culture of Learning

Create a Culture People Development in the Workplace

Career Progression Framework

Set Up for Success at Every Step of an Employee’s Journey

Employee Evaluation System

Track and Measure Soft Skills Training Amongst Employees

Satisfied Fulfilled Meaningful Happier



Productivity Retention Income

Retention and Motivation

Higher Staff Retention Rates

Keep, Establish, and Retain Quality Employees Long Term

Foster Positive Company Culture

Helps to Drive Positive Culture Change for All Stakeholder

Employee Rise Up the Ranks

Help Employee Say, Grow, and Rise Up the Career Ladder

Stay Longer in the Organization

Encourage Company Loyalty and Longevity in the Workplace

Reward Work Longevity

Influenced Workers Decision to Stay at Their Job Longer

Grow Employees at Companies

Give Continuous Opportunities for Growth in Your Organization

Motivate Employee Intrinsically

Inspire Employee to Learn and Grow to Increase Motivation

Keeps Staff Morale High

Create an Exciting Positive Culture and Work Environment

Give Workers a Sense of Purpose

Reach Higher Levels of Employee Success and Satisfaction

Believe in the Business

Employees Will Love and Be Proud to Work at Your Organization

Increase Employee Engagement

Helps Be Fully Productive, Engaged, and Less Overwhelmed

Prevent Exhaustion and Burnout

Fulfilled and Inspired Works Feel Less Burnout at Work

Develop Effective Leadership

Hire Higher-Level Learners to Develop into Great Leaders

Champion the Under-Represented

Empower Today's Minority Workers to Be Tomorrow's Leaders

Help Your Business Succeed

Train Employees and Transform Them Into Top Performers

Meaningful Employee Satisfaction

Take Action to Increase an Employee's Life Very Meaningful

Better Business Outcomes

Good Outcomes for Business

Investing in Skills Development Is Simply Good for Business

Drives Measurable Outcomes

Facilitate Faster Company Growth and Higher Profit Margins

Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

Staff Achieve High Productivity and Positive Performance

Staff Performance Optimization

Improve Long-term Performance, Productivity and Motivation

Build and Retain Top Performers

Lower Turnover Among High Achievers a Your Organization

Provide Better Benefits

Give Better Salaries, Benefits, and Work Environment

Fuel and Sustain Company Growth

Skills Training to Guide Your Company toward Success

Set Your Organization Apart

Create a Clear Competitive Advantage Over Your Rivals

Higher Revenue Per Employee

Increase Overall Company Performance and Productivity

Invest in Company’s Success

Make a Powerful Investment in People Development

Respond to Economic Trends

Have a Greater Ability to Plan for Future Workforce Needs and Conditions

Unlocks Human Potential

Invest in Training to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Company

Stay on Top of Future Trends

Soft Skills to Reduce Future Jobs Lost to AI and Automation

Reduce the Soft Skill Gap

Identify and Training the Soft Skills Expected From Employees

Aid in Succession Planning

Prepare the Next Generation to Lead Company in the Future

Make Better Executive Decisions

Empower Your Executives to Make Better Strategic Decisions

Drive Business Impact

Get an Upskilling Training Platform for Your Teams

We provides a competency architecture that sees skill building as a lifelong process to better position individuals to communicate the skills and knowledge they have accumulated over the course of their learning-and-earning journeys to employers.

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Cultivating a Culture of Workforce Development

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