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For Learners

Become the most Attractive

Candidate for your Next Job

Upon completing a micro-degree program at Accredicity, our graduates will earn, in addition to a professional certificate, a digital badge, which they can share on their resume or, with a few clicks, directly on their LinkedIn profile. This credential signals to hiring managers and potential employers expertise in multiple competencies in the areas of personal growth and personal development. Our programs teach in-demand soft skills in high-need areas that appeal to employers and can help boost a professional’s resume.





Gig Workers




Become a Better Executive Manager Entrepreneurs Founder CEO Director Employee Partner Team Member Citizen

Careers and Competencies

Examples of Stackable Credentials that Lead to Careers Opportunities

Personal Growth

Do you want to be a better partner, family member, or friend?

Then cultivating long-lasting personal growth and life-long professional development is critical in developing yourself, improving your talents and potential, acquiring and enhancing new knowledge and skills to accomplish the results required to seek out ways, at the highest possible level, to succeed in your role, gain career advancement, and better yourself in life in general.

Meet Jane

Jane is a 20-year-old learner interested in the Gig Economy. Jane completes several competencies on Accredicity’s Learner Platform. Upon completion, Jane posts her new credentials on LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork. Demonstrating to future clients her portfolio of new income-producing skills.

Gig Workers

Digital Natives

Better Prepare Yourself for the New Gig Economy

Prepare for Gigs on Upwork, Craigslist, Fiverr

Be Prepared to Succeed as Independent Worker

Prepare Yourself to Do Entrepreneurial Work

Allows You to Choose the Work Your Want to Do

Start Their Businesses or Consulting Agencies

More Remote Work with No Commute

Live in Any Place and Move to a New Location

Career Outcomes

Get Hired for a New Job

Enter Workforce by Starting a New Job with Good Wages

Launch a New Business

Start or Expand Your Private Business or Early Startup

Break Into a New Career

Gain the Universal Skills to Open New Job Opportunities

Change Your Current Job

Switch to New Job or Career without Losing Any Income

Re-Enter the Workforce

Land Your Next Job after being Fired, Laid Off, or Out of Work

Advance Up Your Career

Realize Upward Career Goals, Progress, Growth and Success

Move Up the Corporate Ladder

Advancing in a Corporation in a Full-time Employee Job

Align With Your Interests

Explore Career Paths That You Are Interested in Learning

Help You Earn More Money

Increase Salary Earning Potential in Your Job or Career

Achieve a Higher Income

Create Pathways Into Relatively Higher-Paying Careers

Get a Promotion or Raise

Gives You a Leg Up on Getting Promoted with a Higher Pay

Advocate for Better Benefits

Negotiate for Better Employee Benefits in Existing Career

Become More Productive

Be More Engaged at Work to Increase Your Productivity

Succeed on the Job

Demonstrating Skills in a Job to Become a Better Employee

Refocus Your Current Role

Demonstrate Your Dedication to Grow within the Company

Be Gainfully Employed

Facilitate Credentials That Lead to Gainful Employment

Transform Your Workplace

Get Satisfying Salaries, Benefits, and Working Conditions

Not Stuck in a Bad Job

Get Credentials to Find a Higher-Paying, Fulfilling Job While at School

Be Ready On Day One

Prepare Your to be Job-Ready, Employable, and Promotable

Get Better Career Durability

Build Future Skills to Secure Job Displacement Protection

Adapt to Any Work Environment

Succeed in the Many Careers You Will Hold in a Lifetime

Represent Company Professionally

Improve Coworker, Client, and Customer Interactions

Qualify for More Responsibilities

More Competent and Capable of Taking on New Challenges

Become the Ideal Candidate

Make It More Likely for You to Get the Job Over Another Applicant

The Educational Journey at Accredicity



Become more competitive when seeking employment

Credentials on your profile and CV demonstrate to employers and new clients that you have learned the knowledge to get hired for the job.

Better Yourself



Earn credibility to start a new or expand an existing career

Become more job-ready, employable, and promotable for jobs and careers in your chosen industry or gain the knowledge to break into a new career

Become Employable



Start a career or business in high demand industries

Business-minded graduates can go on to be self-employed and have the freedom to start or expand their private career or business.

Advance Career

The Rise of Skill-Based Hiring requires Skills-Based Credentials

Find Better Future Job Prospects in Your Search

Get Skills to Be More Desirable When Seeking Employment

Unlock the Link Between Employers and Employees

Increase Your Marketability in the Current Labor Market

Successfully Sell the Skills and Knowledge to Get Hired

Get More Successful Job Placements Interviews

Work Simultaneously Toward Education and Career Outcomes

Employers Want to Hire Meaning-Seeking Employees like You

Reduce Disparities and Bias in Labor Markets for Everyone

Demonstrate Valuable Skills to Future Employers or Clients

Acquire Skills to Demand a Better Job Offer

Earn Credentials that Employer Value when Hiring and Promoting

Find Work in High-Paying, High-Growth High-Demand Careers

Help Build Your Resume and CV with Valuable Credentials

Demonstrate Valuable Skills to Future Employers or Clients

Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

Better Signal Capabilities to Potential Future Employers

Signal to Employers Your Commitment to Continuing Education

Posts Your New Credentials and Certificates on LinkedIn

Get a Competitive Edge to be the Most Attractive Candidate


Choose Your Career Path

Every journey is different. We're here to help you with yours.

We can help you realize your career goals by providing education to earn the credentials and certificates to launch a new or advance an existing career to prospective students seeking the most efficient pathway to in-demand meaningful jobs.

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What can I do with my career after graduating?
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