COMM100 – Coaching I

Coaching provides the foundational skills needed to effectively coach clients who want to improve their health and integrate new skills in to their lives to improve the quality of their life. This course is designed to develop an understanding of the skills utilizing evidence-based theories, philosophies, and models on which the profession of coaching is based. Students will understand the coaching structure and how to set up a health coaching program. They will apply the skills of establishing a coaching relationship, communication, and techniques to engage clients. They will understand how to educate clients about healthy lifestyles and teach them tools to help them to be successful. Students will learn how to find and utilize resources for evidence-based health and wellness recommendations, identify risk factors for chronic disease, commonly used biometric measurements, and current lifestyle recommendations for optimal health. Ethics and legal issues are critical to the health coaching practice. This course provides students with an understanding of scope of practice, ethics of practice, and how to source the critical information needed to legally practice as a coach.

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