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Accredicity can help you realize your career goals by providing education to earn the credentials and certificates to launch a new or advance an existing career.

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Undergraduate Certificate in

Professional Development

Start or Enhance Your Personal Career in 6 Months or Less

This multidisciplinary program of study is for students who want to develop and enhance employability skills for future careers. Students benefit from knowledge that will prepare them for the modern workplace. This program is designed for the working professional and takes 6 months or less to complete and is available fully online. The multidisciplinary approach of this program allows students to choose several disciplines to create a custom certificate program. This allows students to pursue areas of study that may be unrelated in order to foster lifelong learning. Recognizing the diverse needs, interests and experiences of our learners, this program allow Accredicity to accommodate a wide range of professionals seeking to meet their personal career goals. The curriculum focuses on professional skills related to the workforce’s current demands. With this undergraduate certificate students can develop the skills they need to better themselves and earn credentials that lead to meaningful careers.

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Our Curriculum is Designed to Get You Hired


Become more competitive when seeking employment

Credentials on your profile and CV demonstrate to employers and new clients that you have learned the knowledge to get hired for the job.

Learn Knowledge


Earn credibility to start a new or expand an existing career

Become more job-ready, employable, and promotatable for jobs and careers in your chosen industry or gain the knowledge to break into a new career

More Employable


Start a career or business in high demand industries

Business-minded graduates can go on to be self-employed and have the freedom to start or expand their own private career or business.

Advance Career

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Higher Education pathways powered by Cred

Learner to Student to Alumni Experience

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Take the next step toward your professional goals at Accredicity.

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