Life Coach: Sample Session | Life Coaching with Krista Kathleen

Reference: Life Coaching with Krista Kathleen. (2018, January 31). LIFE COACH: Sample Life Coaching Session [Video]. YouTube.

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LIFE COACH: Sample Life Coaching Session | Life Coaching with Krista K
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hey coaches my name is Krista Kathleen and I am a life coach who helps new life coaches start and grow their own life coaching businesses and I’ve had a lot of requests lately for students who are wanting to see how a coaching session would be set up and so today I have Morgan Renato with us and she is going to pretend to be my client she is in coach training with me you’re both from an inner glow circle coach training program and Morgan is a health coach and she works with women helping them get over limiting mindset beliefs and from coaching practice so thank you so much Morgan for joining us today and being a pretend pain client so I’m going to be talking with you all about how I run and set up my own coaching sessions this does not mean that you have to set yours up this way this is just so you can kind of like model and see how a coaching session can be done but I always always encourage you to do everything in your own words and your own style because that’s what’s gonna come out is the most authentic at the end of the day so this is just kind of like teaching purposes so with that being said let’s go ahead and get started so the first five minutes I usually just do like a little check in with my clients and ask them how they’re doing what wins they want to celebrate and if they have any needs before we get into the coaching our quest so hey Morgan how’s it going I’m good how are you I’m good thank you so what’s been going on since the last time we had our coaching session um well I’ve been working through like my fear around social media and getting my posts out there consistently I’m also working on mindset stuff as well that’s awesome ah so how’s that been going getting over that fear being on social media it’s good it’s kind of funny like once you build them on my ton like it comes more naturally to you and you don’t feel as afraid mm-hmm absolutely just facing that fear head-on and conquering it yeah yeah absolutely that’s amazing yeah is so besides that is there any winds that you want to celebrate today um yeah I mean I’ve been working on a post I’m super excited about it’s a blog so it’s a little bit longer um yeah so that’s a big one for me I’ve also been more consistent with my journaling which was a goal we set so I’m excited about that awesome that’s amazing well a great job and I just wanna knowledge you for you know working on your content creation in your business and again getting over those fears is with being on social media and being invisible yeah and then do you have any other needs before we get into our coaching requests no I’m feeling pretty good I’m feeling good okay and I just wanted to let you know too if you see me like typing I just like to take notes sometimes during the call and I always encourage you to to have a pen and paper ready to go and to also be taking notes as well okay okay perfect okay so that was how you do a quick little check in again celebrating those wins acknowledging the client for all the things they’ve accomplished and the work also if you have a more spiritual practice this is a great time where you could do a meditation and you can do a breathing exercise you could do an oracle or a tarot card reading so feel free to put your own style and personality into this part and because you don’t want to just start a coaching call with like okay what’s your coaching request that’s a little bit harsh so it’s nice to kind of have that segue into the coaching request but actually okay so before we get into the coaching request next we’re gonna review goals so when I work with clients I like to work with them for a minimum of three months and I have them create a goddess plan where they’re gonna choose anywhere from one to three big goals that they want to have achieved by the time that we are going to working together so I’m going to do this part of the coaching session huh all right Morgan you know how in the our first session we did your goddess clan and you set some big goals for yourself can you tell me how those goals are going for you right now it’s going well so like the journaling has been helping with my goal of becoming like more self-aware and getting to know who I am better and then the other big goal I set was to get my coaching business going um and so getting myself out there and more visible is how I’m working through that right now awesome okay so the journaling you’re working on the journaling and how often did you say that your journaling every week um so it’s supposed to be every day which during the week goes well weekends I get a little slack so I do want to work on that I think that working on journaling earlier in the day rather than thinking I’m gonna do it at night would definitely be a step for me she promised me mm we could yeah okay perfect yeah and I just wanted to make sure too till I always like to check in and just see like you know is there any obstacles or any barriers for you to completing your goals so I love that you just told me that you know on the weekends it’s a little bit more challenging to get your journaling in so yeah absolutely you know either on today’s session or another session we can talk about how to help you get over that and then you said also working on your coaching business was a big goal for you what and I like to have my clients have really actionable goals with stuff what were some stuffs that you were taking to get that coaching business going I’m just opening my offers together has been steps figuring out who it is that I really want to work with um has been a set for me as well I do wellness coaching so I’ve been like consistently working on like the programming poor number so the actual content okay great well it sounds like things are going really well in that area and again let me know if you need help like breaking those goals down to make more attainable and you know if there’s anything that’s getting in the way of you being able to accomplish those goals okay okay awesome alright so the next part is the meat and potatoes of the coaching session and this is the coaching request some people say that if you don’t have a coaching request you don’t have a coaching call so something that you can do to help prevent your clients coming on to a coaching call and not having a request is doing a session platform I use acuity scheduler and with I attached a little question in the inner of leg I think there’s like three or four questions on there so when they schedule and come with me it asks them you know what is gonna dear coaching requests for this upcoming call so that way there’s thinking about it beforehand and I’m not just coming onto the call and you’re not wasting like huge chunks of time just trying to figure out what a coaching request would be so Morgan knew she was doing this call with me today so I already know she has her coaching requests ready to go so I’m going to step into that now and ask her all right Morgan what do you want your coaching request be what what do you want your coaching request to be for our call today today I want to get more clear about what it is that I really want to offer my clients okay great so I just want to clarify what I’m hearing is your request is you want to get clear about what you’re going to be offering your coaching clients and your health coaching business all right awesome okay let’s go ahead and talk about that so tell me like do you have anything in place right now that you are offering them so right now I’m just doing like the fitness coaching so I’m just giving people workout programs and that’s where I’ve been feeling overwhelmed is I don’t know it’s like how to incorporate more of the mindset work into an offer where I’m not having to work one-on-one with my clients okay so wanting to incorporate the mindset work with your clients and not can you repeat that last part for me I’m doing mindset work without having to be one-on-one with them okay without having to be one-on-one and why is it that you want to do more mindset work and not having to do it as much one-on-one stuff with your clients and I think like on large-scale mindset work is super important especially in like the Wellness worlds and I think that everyone needs it but right now people who are coming to me are coming for mainly the fitness portion and so because they’re doing that they’re not really like high-end clients that I’m getting as far as how much money they’re spending like I would have to charge a whole lot more for it to be worth my time so I want to make it more I guess what like what comes to mind for me is like a program like some sort of like journaling thing that they walk through on their own but they can still get like the accountability of a group absolutely yeah okay I like this idea so where do you think you can begin to go look for ideas on how to get them to do some mindset work on their own like have you researched this yet yeah kind of I start to feel very overwhelmed when like I’m scrolling through Instagram like seeing what the other people are doing um and I have found that that leads it’s like more in action hmm so I haven’t liked that approach to it I’m feeling like the answer is definitely like somewhere within me for sure mm-hmm yeah it’s just like finding that inspiration for how to put it together so it sounds like scrolling through Instagram to get inspiration is not working for you right now right mm-hmm okay so how do you feel about maybe like putting the blinders on right now and not having Instagram being part of this creation process what does that feel like for you as and like not being on it at all yeah mmm yeah that could be an idea maybe like taking a like week away from it because even if I’m not like intentionally seeking out ideas and like stalking people you still like to get all the feedback in so yeah there could be blocking me yeah absolutely okay so good I’m glad that we you know figured out that maybe that that could be one roadblock what else where else are some other areas that you could do some research and get some inspiration so I guess I could probably look more into like life coach type inspiration so what sort of group programs people are doing that is only geared towards the mindset work and then like that could potentially inspire something okay do you know where to find those psycho programs not specifically no yeah yeah I haven’t really found anything that sticks out to me so far okay is it okay if I make a suggestion of something that came up for me yeah I love that okay I know that you know you’re in a coach training program right now and that I am a part of as well and they have so many great resources including this globe book that has all these great mindset exercises have you ever gone through the Glo book and you know just use that kind of as a source of inspiration for your own clients as well actually that could definitely be an idea for me yeah I like that okay awesome all right do you think there’s any other roadblocks right now that are preventing you from incorporating this more like hands-off mindset base program that you want to use for your clients so I guess honestly like the biggest thing for me is that I love one-on-one it feels much better it’s funny and very personal what I’m hearing is you enjoy working with clients more one-on-one correct for sure okay so then do you think that you do you really want to be doing more of a hands-off approach with plants and so I guess I wouldn’t say that I would love to do both like I think that the one on one would be the thing that lights me up and the like hands-off approach would be like I almost want to say like beginner the people who aren’t ready to fully commit yet but still like dipping their toes in it and getting from it what they can right now okay mmm okay so what I’m hearing is like do you want to create a low-cost offer of something that would get people like working with you but they’re not working with you yet fight one-on-one and it’s like kind of a lower introductory price so this would be more of like an online like workshop or course and then that could lead them up towards working with you one-on-one and paying higher prices yeah that’s exactly what I was trying to say okay God show that makes sense okay so when you say getting clear about what I want to offer see okay awesome all right all right okay so we talked about then basically you’re looking for inspiration right now I am just trying to figure out how to create this hands-on offer this little Punk’s offer so what what else do you think you want to do to start working on that I think it would be helpful for me to do like pro bono type like have some people test it out like maybe the people that are already doing the workout programs ask them like hey can you try these exercises for me and tell me if you get anything out of it or if you like it okay so the exercises clients that you’re already working with you can ask them to kind of be like your test clients for you and so you can test this program out just be kind of what works and what doesn’t work yeah I love that plan that sounds amazing okay and so let’s go I just want to check in really fast are you getting what you need from this call or am i are we missing anything right now Morgan now I’m feeling actually much more clear about it okay so do you feel like this supports your request yeah definitely okay great okay so now what I would do I feel like we have a clear picture of some actionable steps of what Morgan needs to do between now and our next call so the next part I would go to is the actions and I just want to have some clear-cut steps that Morgan can take and commit to between now and our next coaching session so okay so you’ve already told me that you are going to reach out and ask your current like Fitness clients to help you with creating this program how many different clients do you want to reach out to think like five feels good to me right now okay so five clients and by what date are you going to reach out to them by all right that’s them by our next Wednesday by next Wednesday and you’re writing all this down right okay excellent so you’re gonna reach out to five clients by next Wednesday okay so and you know we talked about how you’re not gonna use Instagram anymore because that’s distracting yeah so we’re gonna say no more Instagram right now and then what else do you want to commit to between now and our next coaching session so I like my social media posts I’ll say I’ll do two more okay so create two more social media post and then did you were you thinking about using the Glo book to get some mindset inspiration yeah I’ll have to really look through it I’ve done a few exercises but yeah so I guess that’s part of like reaching out to the people as well as like forming like an off-brand I guess of what like the Glo book is mm-hmm just rearranging it to be better for my clients mm-hmm and of course in your own words in your own ad right yeah absolutely okay great is there anything else that you can think of that you want to be working on okay awesome I love this these are all very actionable all right so now this is the next part where I’m going to let my client know that we have about anywhere from five to ten minutes last in our session and we’re just going to do a recap and talk about four big takeaways so Morgan we have about five minutes left in our coaching session today what big takeaways did you take from our call I have but I need within me already so I don’t need to be a scrolling through Instagram and looking at other sources of inspiration I also can be looking at like the tools that are already out there for me and really like dive in and see like what feels good for me within that was absolutely all right awesome and then how can I acknowledge and show gratitude free today definitely for like exploring this idea and talking about something that’s overwhelming me rather than just like sitting with the overwhelm and not doing anything mm-hmm well good job then I want to acknowledge you for taking action and facing that fear head-on and not just sitting in the overwhelm but really going for it and going after your dreams and creating what you need to create to help you know make this world a better place thank you you’re welcome and what kind of support and accountability can I provide for you in between our coaching sessions I mean you can like my Facebook post just so I know that people are seeing on and then I guess like next week check in with me to make sure that I actually stayed off Instagram okay so how about instead of me checking in with you how do you feel about reaching out to me after a certain amount of days and letting me know that you stayed off Instagram yeah I could tell they do that in fact I just think that provides you know kind of that self empowerment and self accountability that we’re really going for with creating a client coaching relationship yeah sounds good okay awesome all right well thank you so much Morgan this is amazing call and I appreciate that you chose me as your coach and I love our powerful team that we’re creating together okay you’re welcome all right everyone so that’s kind of a mini version of the coaching session usually I do my coaching sessions sessions for around 60 minutes so but I didn’t want to make you all sit here for 60 minutes but I hope that that helps and if you have any questions any needs you want me to work with you one on one to set up your own coaching session just reach out to me message me at hello at Christa Kathleen comm or you can find me on Facebook at Christa Kathleen and I would love to help support you so you can be a very powerful coach


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