A Career in Curiosity | Brian Grazer | Talks at Google

Reference: Talks at Google. (2018, March 14). A Career in Curiosity | Brian Grazer | Talks at Google [Video]. YouTube.

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Uncover the Biggest Cover-Up in Human History - Join Brian Grazer and Witness a Career in Curiosity.

A Career in Curiosity by Brian Grazer is a Talks at Google video that follows the inspiring story of Grazer's journey from a struggling student to one of the most successful producers in Hollywood. Through interviews and personal anecdotes, Grazer discusses how his grandmother's unwavering belief in him and his own power of curiosity has been the key to his success. Grazer recounts how his chutzpah led him to striking up a conversation with Warren Beatty, which eventually opened the door to a career in film production. He also shares his experience in using curiosity conversations to learn different perspectives and how he has used this in his work. Grazer's inspiring story encourages viewers to use the power of curiosity to find their own path to success.

Learning Outline

Main Points to Learn from the Video:

1. The importance of having one person that consistently believes in you and the power of curiosity to learn interactively with people.
2. How Brian Grazer's serendipitous encounter with a conversation outside his window led to an opportunity at Warner Bros.
3. The 'cushy' job Brian Grazer initially had at Warner Bros. and the importance of having confidence in yourself.
4. How Brian Grazer was able to turn a brief encounter into an hour-long conversation with Warren Beatty.
5. The value of having a healthy sense of entitlement and disrupting your comfort zone.

Instructional Content

A Career in Curiosity: Brian Grazer Talks at Google

Brian Grazer is an Academy Award-winning producer that has achieved immense success in the film and television industry. His success comes from his unique approach to storytelling and his ability to tap into his own curiosity. In his Talks at Google, he shares his insights on how curiosity has been an integral part of his career and how it can help you achieve success in your own life.

The key takeaway from Brian's talk is that curiosity is a powerful tool that can be used to unlock new ideas, gain new perspectives, and create new opportunities. Brian emphasizes that we should always be asking questions, seeking out new experiences, and looking for more information. He also encourages people to take a chance on themselves and explore their own passions and interests.

Brian also emphasizes that taking risks is essential for success. He talks about how he took a risk by leaving his law school studies to pursue a job he overheard about at Warner Bros. He also took a risk by initiating a conversation with Warren Beatty, even though he was just a law clerk. His willingness to take risks has led to amazing opportunities for him and for others.

In the end, Brian Grazer's story is one of courage, resilience, and success. His Talks at Google is a great reminder that when we stay curious, we can unlock the potential of our minds and achieve our dreams. By following his advice and tapping into our own curiosity, we can create our own unique paths to success.


"Unlock Creative Communication: Grazer"

To improve communication in learners, it is important to foster professional relationships, influence and persuasion, and creativity and innovation. Professional relationships can be developed through active listening, active involvement in conversations, and establishing trust and respect. Through active listening, learners can gain insight into the perspectives of different stakeholders and understand the context of conversations. Active involvement in conversations allows learners to develop the skill of expressing their opinions and ideas clearly and effectively. Establishing trust and respect is essential for successful communication in professional relationships.

Influence and persuasion can be developed through effective communication, persuasive writing, and persuasive speaking. Effective communication requires the ability to interpret verbal and nonverbal information accurately and respond appropriately. Persuasive writing involves the use of powerful words and logical arguments to convince the reader of a point of view. Persuasive speaking involves the use of body language, tone, and delivery to convey ideas with conviction.

Creativity and innovation can be developed through brainstorming, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Brainstorming is a powerful tool that allows learners to generate multiple ideas and solutions to problems. Problem-solving encourages learners to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Creative thinking involves the use of imagination and creative problem-solving techniques to come up with unique ideas.

By implementing these strategies, learners can develop the communication skills necessary to excel in their professional and personal lives. Through professional relationships, influence and persuasion, and creativity and innovation, learners can become strong communicators and effective problem-solvers.

Professional Relationships

Cultivating Professional Connections?

The importance of upskilling oneself to achieve greater success in professional relationships cannot be understated. As Brian Grazer demonstrated in his Talks at Google video, a career built on curiosity is one of the most effective ways to build meaningful and lasting relationships in the workplace. In the video, Grazer spoke of his grandmother Sonya and her unwavering belief in his potential, no matter what his report card said. This unwavering support instilled in him a sense of confidence and entitlement that enabled him to have an hour-long conversation with Warren Beatty, the result of which was a meaningful, professional relationship.

Upskilling oneself is essential to professional relationships and personal growth. Research has shown that individuals who invest in their own professional development are more likely to be successful in their careers. This includes pursuing further education, attending networking events, and developing specialized skills. Additionally, it is important to stay up-to-date on industry trends and to maintain a positive attitude, as this can help foster relationships with co-workers and clients.

The power of curiosity in professional relationships is undeniable. By asking questions and having meaningful conversations, one can gain insight into different perspectives and better understand the challenges and opportunities that come with professional relationships. Moreover, those who actively engage in curiosity conversations are more likely to create and maintain strong and lasting relationships.

The key to success in professional relationships is to continually strive to upskill oneself. Whether it’s furthering one’s education, attending networking events, staying up-to-date on industry trends, or engaging in curiosity conversations, personal growth and professional development are essential to success in any career. Taking the time to invest in oneself and one’s professional relationships can pay dividends in the long run.

Influence and Persuasion

Can Influence Persuade?

In the video "A Career in Curiosity | Brian Grazer | Talks at Google", Brian Grazer talks about how his grandmother instilled in him the importance of curiosity and how it has helped him in his career. He explains how curiosity has enabled him to learn from people, create connections, and think outside the box. Grazer attributes much of his success to his ability to use curiosity to drive his professional development.

These days, upskilling is becoming increasingly important for personal growth and professional development. This is why it is essential to cultivate a curious mindset and to make a conscious effort to explore new opportunities and knowledge. By embracing curiosity and actively seeking out new information and experiences, you can open yourself up to new possibilities and potential career pathways.

For example, a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that people who investigate and explore new ideas and experiences are more likely to succeed in their professional and personal lives. This is because curiosity encourages one to think critically, ask questions, and open up to new experiences.

Additionally, a study conducted by the University of California, San Diego found that people who are curious are more likely to take calculated risks and be open to change. This is because they are more likely to seek out different perspectives and ideas, which can be beneficial when making decisions and taking risks.

In short, cultivating a curious mindset is essential for personal growth and professional development. It enables one to explore new ideas and take calculated risks, which can open up a world of possibilities. By embracing curiosity, you can open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences, thus increasing your chances of success.

Creativity and Innovation

Unlock Creative Potential?

Upskilling yourself is the key to personal growth and unlocking success in your professional development. In the video “A Career in Curiosity”, featured speaker Brian Grazer explains how one simple concept - curiosity - has been the driving force behind his success. Grazer’s grandmother instilled in him the confidence to take risks and ask questions - something he still actively practices today. In fact, Grazer has been engaging in deep curiosity conversations every two weeks for the past 30 years, during which he has met founders of some of the most successful companies in history.

Grazer’s success story is a testament to the power of curiosity. His advice is simple: ask questions, have conversations, and challenge yourself to gain new perspectives. Grazer’s own curiosity has enabled him to take calculated risks and take his career to new heights.

Upskilling, or gaining new knowledge and skills, is an important part of the personal growth and professional development process. By taking the time to acquire and refine new skills, you can open yourself up to new opportunities and be better prepared for whatever career path you choose. Learning a new language, developing software coding skills, or taking a course in data analysis are all ways to upskill yourself and increase your employability.

The key to upskilling is to never stop learning. By continually pushing yourself to learn more, you can stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing job market. With the right knowledge and skills, you can create a more secure future and position yourself for success.

For Learners

Watching this video 'A Career in Curiosity - Brian Grazer - Talks at Google' is a great way to benefit from the wisdom and insight from an experienced and successful producer in the film industry. The video provides an interesting and inspiring look into his life and the power of curiosity to drive his career.

The positive benefits of watching this video are numerous. It offers insight into the power of curiosity as an essential skill for success. It also provides insight into the importance of networking and making connections in the industry, which can be highly beneficial for those starting out in the film industry. Additionally, it is a great source of inspiration and motivation, as Brian Grazer’s story of success serves as a great example of the power of hard work and dedication.

The negative detriment to not learning the content of this video is that it may limit your ability to gain the same knowledge and insight that can be gained by watching this video. Without this knowledge and insight, you may not be able to apply the lessons in Brian Grazer’s story to your own life and career.

Using the ‘what’s in it for me’, ‘what’s in it for them’, ‘what’s in it for us’, and ‘what’s in it for the world’ approach to learning the content of this video will benefit you as a learner for personal growth and professional development. By learning about the power of curiosity, networking, and dedication, you can gain valuable skills that can be applied to any career. Additionally, by learning about Brian Grazer’s story, you can gain the motivation to pursue your goals and strive for success. By watching this video, you can also help to spread the message of hard work and dedication, and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

For Employers

This video, A Career in Curiosity | Brian Grazer | Talks at Google, provides an excellent opportunity for employers to learn the value of curiosity. Employers can benefit by learning how to cultivate curiosity, how to use it to find innovative solutions, and how to apply it to their workplace. By learning these skills, employers can differentiate themselves from the competition and help their teams think outside the box. Furthermore, this video is a great way to show customers and clients that you and your team understand the concepts and can use them to create more successful products.

By learning the content of this video, employers can gain valuable insights into developing their own curiosity, as well as the curiosity of their team members. This knowledge can be used to develop and produce creative solutions to problems, create more successful products, and increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, employers can use the power of the ‘what’s in it for the present, the past, and the future’ approach in copywriting to relate this video to their customers and clients.

Overall, this video provides employers with essential information on how to use curiosity to their advantage. By learning the content of this video, employers can gain valuable insights into how to develop their own curiosity, as well as the curiosity of their team members. Employers can use this knowledge to create more successful products and increase customer satisfaction.

Career Path

Completing a course in Communication based on these competencies will help anyone on their career path by providing the necessary skills in Professional Relationships, Influence and Persuasion, and Creativity and Innovation. This course will help the target audience, life long learners, to close the Skills Gap and become more employable, promotable and purposeful.

Watching this video and transcript will help level up life long learners and provide them with career-defining credentials. The video is a great example of how to use curiosity as a tool to make powerful connections and gain insight from people's experiences. The transcript is also a great example of how to use persuasive language to influence and persuade others.

The key takeaway from this video and transcript is that by using the power of curiosity, one can gain access to the experiences of a variety of different people, learn from them, and use that knowledge to become a more employable and promotable individual. This can be done through asking questions and listening to others, as well as connecting with like-minded people and embracing failure. With the combination of these skills, life long learners can be well-equipped to enter the job market, as they will have the necessary skills to become successful.


"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." This famous quote from the TV show Friday Night Lights is a perfect representation of what Brian Grazer's career in curiosity is about. When we have a clear vision and a passion for our goals, we can push through any obstacle. Grazer's story of starting his career in film through a chance conversation he overheard and his grandmother's unwavering support of his talents, serves as a reminder that anything is possible with the right attitude and mindset. This quote serves as an inspiring reminder to all learners and employers that when we take the risk to pursue our dreams, we can achieve great things.


The most important key takeaway I learned from this video is that curiosity can be a powerful tool to learn new perspectives and gain confidence. Brian Grazer harnessed the power of curiosity to break into film and challenge himself to have conversations with some of the most influential people in business. His curiosity was also key to his success, leading him to explore and make connections that otherwise would have been missed.

A Career in Curiosity | Brian Grazer | Talks at Google

Brian Grazer is a movie producer who grew up in Los Angeles and had a tough time in school. But his grandmother Sonya believed in him and told him he was special. Brian found success by using his curiosity to learn and interact with people. He used his curiosity to get a job at Warner Bros. Pictures and ended up having an hour-long conversation with movie star Warren Beatty. Brian believes that curiosity is a powerful tool and it can take you places you never thought possible. He encourages everyone to use curiosity in their lives and be brave enough to ask questions and disrupt their comfort zone.

Video Quotes

1. "My grandmother would always tell me, I'm going to be special. You're going all the way." - Brian Grazer

2. "It's been really edifying. And I've found ways, through these curiosity conversations, to learn different perspectives. And that's something you don't do with AI." - Brian Grazer

3. "I think I've always been into disrupting my comfort zone." - Brian Grazer

Related Quotes

"Creativity is about unlocking the mysteries of life." - Brian Grazer
"If you don't have curiosity, you don't have a chance to be creative." - Brian Grazer
"Curiosity is the ability to ask questions and to want to know what's happening." - Brian Grazer


1. Professional Relationships
2. Influence and Persuasion
3. Creativity and Innovation

Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze how Brian Grazer used the power of curiosity to learn interactively with people.

2. Evaluate the role of Brian's grandmother in believing in his potential and inspiring him to pursue his dreams.

3. Create a plan to replicate Brian's entrepreneurial spirit of seizing opportunities and turning them into meaningful conversations.

4. Apply the strategies of self-advocacy and chutzpah to generate a connection in challenging situations.

5. Synthesize the concept of using clarity of purpose and confidence to persuade others in the workplace.

6. Evaluate the importance of believing in yourself to pursue the greatest adventures with infinite possibilities.

Sample Answers

1. Through this video, I learned that Brian Grazer's success is a result of his grandmother's belief in him and his ability to use curiosity to interactively learn. I also learned that he found success through a serendipitous conversation he overheard and took the initiative to pursue it. Lastly, I learned that he had the confidence to challenge authority and break the rules to get a meeting with Warren Beatty.

2. Brian Grazer's story demonstrates the power of curiosity. He used his curiosity to ask questions and learn from conversations with people in different fields and to take risks like asking for a meeting with Warren Beatty. I also learned that curiosity and confidence are necessary for success.

3. This video has shown me that it's important to take risks and have the confidence to challenge authority in order to achieve success. I learned that having the courage to question and explore can lead to the ability to have meaningful conversations with people from different backgrounds. Additionally, I learned that having the conviction to stand up for what you believe in can help you make connections with influential people.

Brian Grazer

Brian Grazer is an Academy Award-winning producer, New York Times bestselling author, and the co-founder of Imagine Entertainment. He has produced some of the world’s most iconic films and television shows, such as A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Arrested Development, 8 Mile, and 24. He is an expert on A Career in Curiosity because of his unique approach to creative storytelling and his ability to uncover the essential elements of any story by asking the right questions. He is also associated with Imagine Entertainment, which he co-founded with Ron Howard in 1986. Imagine Entertainment

Learning Design

These three competencies are essential for effective communication in the workplace and beyond. Professional relationships are key to developing a strong network and building trust with colleagues and customers. Influence and persuasion are important when it comes to presenting ideas and negotiating with others. Finally, creativity and innovation are necessary to come up with new ideas and solutions.


Multiple-Choice Exam Question:

What did Brian Grazer's grandmother tell him while he was growing up?

A. You're going all the way, to law school
B. You're going to be special
C. You have the power to learn interactively with people
D. Use the power of curiosity to disrupt your comfort zone


Common Hypothetical Questions:
1. How did Brian Grazer's grandmother help him to develop the confidence to speak with Warren Beatty?
2. What strategies does Brian Grazer use to foster meaningful conversations with people from different backgrounds?
3. How did Brian Grazer's curiosity conversations help him to develop a deeper understanding of science, medicine, politics, religion and technology?
4. What benefits does Brian Grazer see in engaging in curiosity conversations?

Real-Life Examples and Scenarios:
1. How can students use curiosity conversations to become better-informed citizens?
2. What are some practical strategies that students can use to engage in meaningful conversations with people from different backgrounds?
3. How can curiosity conversations be used to build bridges between people of different perspectives and ideologies?
4. What are some ways that students can use curiosity conversations to develop meaningful relationships?


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Power of Curiosity, Self-Sustained Civilization, Biggest Cover-Up, Human History, Trigger Alarm, Arm Agents, Fighting Chance, American Criminality, Bigger Idea, Clear Eyes Full Hearts, How Big Universe, Presidential Power, Worth Killing For, Believe in Weirdness, Submachine Guns, Greatest Adventure


1. Brian Grazer began his career in film when he overheard two men talking about an easy job at Warner Bros. and followed up on it.
2. Grazer has been having "curiosity conversations" every two weeks for the past 30 years, meeting people in many different fields.
3. Grazer's grandmother, Sonya, gave him the confidence to pursue his goals despite his poor grades in school.
4. Grazer had the chutzpah to turn a paper-delivering errand into an hour-long conversation with Warren Beatty.
5. Grazer believes that curiosity can help us learn from different perspectives and gain knowledge that AI can't provide.


1. Host curiosity conversations with leading businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and innovators in various industries, and create a podcast series that documents their conversations and insights.

2. Create a documentary series that follows the journey of entrepreneurs and innovators in the tech industry, and explore how their curiosity has shaped their success.

3. Create a TV series that follows a team of curious detectives as they solve crime cases.

4. Create a web series that follows a team of curious scientists as they explore the mysteries of the universe.


This learning instructional guidance was formulated using the GPT-3 language model created by OpenAI.


Be inspired by Brian Grazer's story of how his grandmother's support and his own curiosity helped him land his first job at Warner Bros. #Curiosity #Success #BelieveInYourself 💯 @Accredicity

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