Brainstorm Health 2018: The Secret to Success – Tony Robbins I Fortune

Reference: Fortune Magazine. (2018, March 20). Brainstorm Health 2018: The Secret to Tony Robbins’ Success I Fortune [Video]. YouTube.

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Uncover the secret to Tony Robbins' success, as he shares his journey of personal growth and teaches how to believe in yourself with Fortune's Brainstorm Health 2018.

The Secret to Success is revealed by Tony Robbins in this exclusive video by Fortune Magazine. Tony Robbins has established an empire of 33 companies with an estimated 5 billion in revenue. He has published numerous books, and is a New York Times Best Selling author. He is interviewed by Dr. David Agus, a professor of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Southern California, and CEO of the Lawrence Jay Allison Institute for Transformational Medicine. Tony shares his personal journey, and how he has developed a process to help people change in a weekend. He touches on strategies to build certainty, and to create patterns to achieve desired results. Tony also shares his own methods to stay energized and engaged in his mission.

Learning Outline

1. Tony Robbins owns 33 companies totaling 5 billion in revenue.
2. Creating a belief is a poor substitute for an experience.
3. Pattern recognition, utilization, and creation help create change.
4. Tony trains people to create change in a weekend.
5. Tony burned 9,500 calories in one day.
6. To create change, one must have certainty.
7. Tony has strategies to help people who are suicidal.
8. Tony engages people with an energetic approach.
9. Tony believes motivation is like a warm bath, but one needs more than just motivation.
10. Tony believes the truth sets us free.

Instructional Content

Brainstorm Health 2018: The Secret to Tony Robbins’ Success was an enlightening discussion between Tony Robbins and Dr. David Agus, where they explored the secrets behind Tony Robbins’ success. Tony Robbins is a renowned author, entrepreneur, and success coach, and Dr. Agus is the professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California and CEO of the Lawrence Jay Allison Institute for Transformational Medicine.

During the conversation, Robbins shared his story of how he has achieved his success. He discussed how he pushes himself to extremes, both physically and mentally, to help others transform their lives. He emphasized the importance of pattern recognition, pattern utilization, and pattern creation in order to create lasting change. He also discussed his strategy for engaging with audiences, how he manages stress, and how he maintains his energy levels.

This video provides a unique insight into Tony Robbins’ success, and the strategies he uses to help others reach their goals and transform their lives. It is a must watch for anyone looking to achieve success in their lives. The primary takeaways from this video are the importance of pattern recognition and pattern utilization in creating lasting change, the need for a feedback loop in order to adjust strategies, the importance of having an outcome-oriented mindset, and the importance of energy and engagement in audiences.

By watching this video, viewers can gain a better understanding of the strategies and techniques Tony Robbins uses to achieve success. They can also gain insight into how they can apply these strategies to their own lives, and how they can push themselves to greater heights.


Unlock Greater Productivity

To improve productivity in learners, it is essential to develop the skills related to motivation, healthy behaviors, courage, and perseverance. Tony Robbins, a leader in personal development and productivity, has outlined a comprehensive guide to achieving success in these areas.

First and foremost, motivation is key for productivity. According to Robbins, the key to success is to “shift that [belief] they don’t kill themselves [with] a reason they believe that dying is more painful than living.” This means creating an environment of purpose and passion that encourages and drives productivity. To achieve this, Robbins recommends providing a feedback loop to users and creating an atmosphere of adaptation and experimentation.

Second, healthy behaviors are also critical for productivity. Robbins suggests that physical stress can be used to create an environment conducive to productivity. He recommends pushing physical limits and creating a pattern of physical health that can help to improve productivity. Additionally, Robbins suggests getting adequate sleep and taking small breaks to rest and recharge.

Third, courage and perseverance are essential for developing skills. Robbins stresses the importance of taking risks and pushing boundaries to improve productivity. He also emphasizes the need to develop a pattern of recognizing and utilizing patterns, as well as creating new patterns. Additionally, Robbins recommends building a sense of certainty to ensure that strategies are implemented.

Finally, Robbins stresses the importance of taking time to relax and enjoy life. He recommends activities such as playing squash, reading, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.

By following Robbins’ comprehensive guide to improving productivity in learners, individuals can develop the skills necessary to achieve success. Motivation, healthy behaviors, courage, and perseverance are all critical for success in the modern world, and Robbins’ advice provides a clear pathway to achieving these goals.


Unlock Tony Robbins' Motivation?

Tony Robbins is a master motivator who has achieved remarkable success in business and personal growth. Through his personal journey, he has created a system that can help anyone believe in themselves and reach their goals. In his interview with Dr. David Agus, Tony reveals the secret to his success - deep practice, pattern recognition and utilization, and pattern creation. He has trained himself to be able to produce a result in any given situation, and he puts himself in extreme environments to adapt and develop new strategies.

This strategy is especially useful for upskilling yourself to be successful in professional development. To achieve success, you need more than motivation - you need to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. It is important to constantly challenge yourself and push your boundaries, creating an environment where you don’t tolerate anything less than excellence. Taking the time to identify patterns, develop new strategies and refine your skills will help you to reach new heights of success.

Tony Robbins is a prime example of how upskilling can lead to success. He has achieved a 5-billion-dollar business empire and a top-selling book by challenging himself and pushing his boundaries. He has used pattern recognition and creation to identify opportunities and create new strategies, and he has dedicated himself to deep practice to hone his skills. By following his example, you too can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to reach your goals.

Healthy Behaviors

How Can Tony Robbins Promote Healthy Habits?

The video highlights the success of Tony Robbins and the strategies he has used to achieve it. His success can be attributed to his deep understanding of patterns, his strong belief in experience over belief, and his relentless work ethic. Robbins encourages others to develop similar strategies for upskilling themselves in order to achieve success.

Robbins is an advocate of deep practice, which involves pushing oneself to the extreme to gain experience. For example, Robbins burned 9,500 calories in one day, the equivalent of two marathons, and his jumps were the equivalent of two NBA games. His lactate levels were 14 and he was still going strong at 12 hours. This demonstrates his intense level of physical commitment to his work.

Robbins also believes in the power of recognizing and utilizing patterns. He believes that if a person has more variability than another, the one with more variability will dominate. By recognizing patterns and finding ways to create change, Robbins has developed strategies for success that can be applied to personal and professional development.

Lastly, Robbins has an unwavering work ethic. He puts himself in high-pressure situations and has to produce results. He sleeps an average of six hours a night and puts in 50-hour work weeks. This level of commitment and perseverance is essential to achieving success.

In conclusion, Tony Robbins’ success is the result of recognizing patterns, believing in experience over belief, and having an unrelenting work ethic. By applying these strategies to upskill oneself, one can increase their chances of success in personal and professional development.

Courage and Perseverance

Unlock Tony Robbins' Courage?

Tony Robbins is an example of courage and perseverance in action. The American entrepreneur and author has achieved extraordinary success, owning 33 companies with 5 billion in revenue, and becoming a bestselling author. In a Brainstorm Health 2018 video, Tony shares his journey of personal growth and how to believe in yourself for success.

At the heart of Tony’s success is his belief that “belief is a poor substitute for an experience”. To achieve success, Tony taps into his own pattern recognition, pattern utilisation and pattern creation skills, to create and execute strategies. He also puts himself in “crazy environments” to force himself to adapt and acquire new skills.

Tony also acknowledges the importance of physical and mental rest, to “turn off” and recharge. He relaxes by playing squash, reading, going to the movies and spending time with his family. Tony also demonstrates the power of feedback loops, scanning an audience to see who is engaged and who isn’t, and responding accordingly.

These are just some of the techniques Tony Robbins has mastered to upskill himself in courage and perseverance. With a disciplined approach, anyone can learn to think strategically, take calculated risks and develop resilience to overcome challenges. To achieve success, you must be brave, take action and never give up.

For Learners

Watching this video of Tony Robbins and Dr. David Agus is a great opportunity to learn the valuable strategies that have enabled Tony Robbins’ success. Robbins shares his personal journey and the strategies he used to believe in himself and create a life of success. As a life-long learner, this video provides insight into the importance of pattern recognition, pattern utilization, and pattern creation in order to create change. Robbins also emphasizes the importance of physical and mental stress, adapting to new environments, and how to reach people who are not yet engaged.

Not learning the content of this video would be a detriment to personal growth and professional development. To truly benefit from the video, one must understand the strategies Robbins and Dr. Agus discuss. By understanding the strategies and strategies discussed in this video, you can apply them to better your life and career. The ‘what’s in it for me’, ‘what’s in it for them’, ‘what’s in it for us’, and ‘what’s in it for the world’ approach to learning the content of this video will benefit you as a learner by teaching you valuable strategies that can be applied to any situation. These strategies are applicable to both personal and professional success, and can be used to create change in your life and career.

For Employers

In this video, featuring Tony Robbins and Dr. David Agus, the power of certainty, patterns, and energy are explored. From an employer's perspective, learning these skills would benefit by increasing team productivity, differentiating the company from their competition, and furthering the connection with their customers and clients.

The content of this video is an invaluable asset to employers. Tony Robbins shares his personal journey and teachings on how to believe in yourself. This is important for employers to understand, as it can help them create a culture of trust and team unity, which is key to a successful business. Additionally, Robbins explains the importance of physical and mental stress, pattern recognition, and energy, which can help employers and their teams achieve maximum productivity and performance.

In addition to the content of this video, employers should also consider how this knowledge can help differentiate their business from the competition. By understanding the power of certainty, patterns, and energy, employers can create unique strategies to better serve their customers and clients. This knowledge can also help employers to create a more successful customer and client perception of their products and services.

Finally, employers should consider how this video could help them and their teams in the future. By learning the key concepts discussed in this video, employers can create a culture of certainty and energy that will only continue to help them and their teams succeed. This knowledge can be used to create a more powerful connection with customers and clients, furthering the success of the business.

Overall, this video provides employers with invaluable knowledge on how to create a culture of trust, certainty, and energy that will help their team and business succeed. By understanding and implementing the concepts discussed in this video, employers can differentiate themselves from their competition, improve their customer and client relationships, and help their teams achieve maximum results.

Career Path

Completing a course based on Motivation, Healthy Behaviors, and Courage and Perseverance will help you level up your career path and become more employable, promotable, and purposeful. By watching Tony Robbins’ success story in the video Brainstorm Health 2018: The Secret to Tony Robbins’ Success I Fortune and reading the transcript, you can gain insights into how he has achieved success in his life and career. Moreover, you can learn the strategies, patterns, and approaches he has used to create changes and produce results. By applying these strategies, patterns, and approaches to your own life, you can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to close the Skills Gap and become more employable in high demand, high growth industries.

In addition, by taking a course focused on Motivation, Healthy Behaviors, and Courage and Perseverance, you can become a life-long learner, gain the confidence to take on complex challenges, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to turn your career dreams into reality. With these skills, you can open up new possibilities and set yourself apart in the job market. By investing in yourself and taking a course that focuses on these competencies, you can become more competitive and take your career to the next level.


"Belief is a poor substitute for an experience" -Tony Robbins

This quote from Tony Robbins in the Brainstorm Health 2018: The Secret to Tony Robbins’ Success video is a strong reminder that understanding something from an intellectual level is not enough to make an impact. This is true for both learners and employers - it is important to take take the time to actually experience a concept or idea in order to truly understand it, and use it to its maximum potential.

For learners, this means taking the time to practice and apply the information they are learning. It is not enough to simply read a textbook or listen to a lecture - true understanding of the material comes from actually trying it out. For employers, this means not just reading a resume or listening to an interview, but taking the time to observe a potential employee in action. This quote from Tony Robbins is a great reminder that true understanding comes from experience, and not from merely reading or listening.


The most important key takeaway from Tony Robbins' success is that success requires a combination of belief, strategy, and experience. Through deep practice, physical and emotional stress, and an ability to adapt to new environments, Tony has achieved a level of success that is inspiring and achievable for anyone.

Brainstorm Health 2018: The Secret to Tony Robbins’ Success I Fortune

Tony Robbins is an incredible person who helps people make big changes in their lives. He works with presidents, CEOs, athletes and more, and is an expert in understanding people. He knows how to recognize patterns and create changes that would not have happened otherwise. He has a unique process that helps people to believe in themselves and makes them feel like they can take on anything. He does this by getting people to experience things, not just believe in them, and by pushing himself and his body to the extreme. Tony knows how to help people succeed and that is the secret to his success.

Video Quotes

"Belief is a poor substitute for an experience" - Tony Robbins
"Most of us grew up and right now most of you are learning and the traditional style you did leave when you're in school you were trained to go to your seat and be silent and be polite and nice but the world we live in today isn't like that" - Tony Robbins
"The truth sets us free and we all can find our own truth as long as we put ourselves an environment where we don't tolerate anything less than that" - Tony Robbins

Related Quotes

"I think the thing that people don't realize is that success is not just about achieving your goals, it's about having the capacity to do it over and over again. It's about having a system and a strategy, a methodology that allows you to be successful in any area of your life." - Tony Robbins

"When you plan, you're focusing on the future. You're predicting the future, you're looking at what could possibly happen." - Tony Robbins

"Your level of success is usually determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself." - Tony Robbins


1. Motivation
2. Healthy Behaviors
3. Courage and Perseverance

Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate Tony Robbins' strategy for changing people's lives by recognizing patterns to create changes.
2. Analyze the physical and mental stress Tony Robbins puts his body through to help others.
3. Synthesize Tony Robbins' methods for developing certainty in others by creating experiences.
4. Apply Tony Robbins' process for creating lasting change in people in a short period of time.
5. Explain the importance of Tony Robbins' principle that talking does not equate to belief.
6. Understand the necessity of adapting to constantly changing environments in order to create change.

Sample Answers

1. From the video, I learned that Tony Robbins has developed a process to help people change in a very potent way. He focuses on pattern recognition and utilization, which helps him create changes that wouldn't have been possible before. He also physically stresses his body to extremes to achieve results, burning up to 9,500 calories in one day.

2. I also learned that Tony believes that a belief is a poor substitute for an experience and he works to create situations for people to really feel the changes. He puts himself in crazy environments and has adapted to many different problems. He also has a feedback loop to measure how well he is engaging the audience.

3. Finally, I learned that Tony's approach is to constantly stimulate and get people to the truth. He believes that the truth sets us free and he works to create an environment that won't tolerate anything less. He also utilizes motivation, strategy, and energy to help people reach their goals.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an internationally renowned life and business strategist, author, philanthropist, and speaker. He is the founder of more than a dozen companies and the author of five internationally bestselling books, including the New York Times #1 best-seller, UNSHAKEABLE. He is the founder of the Anthony Robbins Foundation, which helps to empower disadvantaged people around the world. He is also a strategic advisor and partner to some of the world's most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Tony Robbins is an expert on The Secret to Success because of his vast experience and knowledge in the fields of life and business strategy, success, and personal development. He is associated with the Anthony Robbins Foundation, which can be found at

Learning Design

Students can also read inspirational stories, watch motivational videos, and listen to podcasts that provide examples of how individuals have been able to achieve success despite facing adversity. This type of learning can help students to develop the motivation, healthy behaviors, and courage and perseverance they need to be productive.


Q: According to Anthony Robbins, what is the key to achieving success?

A. Motivation
B. Belief
C. Confidence
D. Pattern Recognition and Utilization

Answer: D. Pattern Recognition and Utilization


Common Questions:
1. What is Tony Robbins known for?
2. What is the process Tony Robbins uses to help people change?
3. What strategies does Tony Robbins use to engage an audience?
4. What does Tony Robbins believe is necessary for people to make permanent changes?

Real-Life Examples:
1. How can Tony Robbins' methods of engagement be applied to a classroom setting?
2. What techniques can be used to help people break out of old patterns and habits?
3. How can Tony Robbins' methods of self-care be implemented in a high-stress environment?
4. What can be done to help people create a sense of certainty and confidence in themselves?


Tony Robbins, Secret Success, Fortune Brainstorm Health, Transformational Medicine, New York Times, Dr. David Agus, Lawrence Jay Allison Institute, Pattern Recognition, Pattern Utilization, Pattern Creation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Olympic Athletes, National Television, Serena Williams, Suicidal Children, Belief Substitute, Experience Changing, Strategy Certainty, Execute Plans, Belief Confidence, Stimulating Environment, Raw Truth, Tolerate Anything


1. Tony Robbins is a number one New York Times bestselling author and owns 33 companies totaling 5 billion in revenue.
2. Tony Robbins has developed a process to help people change in a weekend and has put on events with 12,000 people in a stadium.
3. Tony Robbins burns up to 9,500 calories and has the physical capability to do the equivalent of two marathons and two NBA games in one day.
4. Tony Robbins' approach to helping people involves pattern recognition, utilization, and creation.
5. Tony Robbins has worked with athletes such as Serena Williams and has never lost a suicide case.


1. Leveraging Tony Robbins' Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success: Analyzing how Robbins has used his strategies as an entrepreneur to create his 5 billion dollar empire.
2. Analyzing Robbins' Methodology for Peak Performance: Examining Robbins' approach to peak performance and how he has been able to achieve it throughout his career.
3. The Power of Pattern Recognition and Utilization: Examining how Robbins has used pattern recognition and utilization to create successful strategies and change.
4. Exploring Robbins' Unique Approach to Stress Management: Analyzing how Robbins has managed stress throughout his career and how others can use similar approaches to manage stress.
5. Unlocking Robbins' Strategies for Engaging and Connecting with Audiences: Examining the strategies that Robbins uses to engage and connect with audiences and how they can be applied to other areas.


This learning instructional guidance was formulated using the GPT-3 language model created by OpenAI.


Tony Robbins shares his journey from personal upbringing to now owning 33 companies with 5 billion in revenue and being a #1 New York Times bestselling author. He teaches how anyone can believe in themselves! 💪 #Inspiration #Success #BelieveInYourself @Accredicity

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